Monday, September 28, 2009

GORE - Guy and Detached

Here's the last two of my GORE pieces. I had a bunch of fun working on both! I'd like to do a more fantasy version sometime. And yes, yes, yes..I have a thing for cybernetic prosthetic arms! I think that's why I want to try doing a fantasy version of the character and idea of the GORE pieces. Trying to come up with a fantasy-based or even a steampunk based prosthetic arm is very enticing!



Here's a mock up of what this scene might look like "in-game" (if it was a game!).


The next few weeks might be a bit slow. I'll be moving to the Bay Area next Saturday in hopes of finding some work. If anyone wants to meet up to draw and stuff, let me know! Hopefully I'll find a nice figure drawing workshop to attend. :]

Monday, September 21, 2009

GORE - Split + Step-By-Step

Hopefully none of you will think any less of me when I say this, but I've always been a fan of violent action-y stuff. Like a lot of people around my age, I grew up playing games like Mortal Kombat, Doom, Quake, and other games that I was probably too young to play. They were entertaining in ways I never thought I should be entertained by. But regardless, it'd be impossible for me to deny that those kinds of games inspired me a lot. With games like God of War 3, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, and Dante's Inferno on the horizon, I felt it was about time I made a piece that would serve as a tribute to hardcore action games.


And here's a quick "step-by-step" tutorial.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Here's a piece I did for a friend's short film. It's just a blue sky idea based on the story outline I was given. T'was fun! :)


Figure Drawing Doodles Sketches

I recently was told about a figure drawing workshop available in the Gainesville area, so me and some of my buddies went to check it out last Wednesday. It's a really small venue, but it's enough. Three hours for $6 isn't too bad and the people there are friendly enough. Unfortunately there weren't any easels or horses. Hopefully I'll drop by a couple more times, as it was pretty refreshing drawing people from life (it's been a while, and I'm very rusty).


(I made a few extremely minor line tweaks in Photoshop and I tweaked the contrast level of the scan. Oh and of course I pieced the drawings together in PS.)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Alien Class

It's funny, this originally started off as a design for an alien centaur. I wanted to create sort of an alien counterpart to the fabled creature, but after showing it to some friends and getting giggles and teehee's across the board, I decided on ditching the centaur idea. But that's ok, because I had a fun time designing this guy and I had even more fun creating different outfits for it. It's like playing Dress-Up, but for male 20-somethings with creepy thingies. :p

From L to R: head study, warrior class, peasant class, priest/political figure class


Then last version of the abandoned alien-centaur


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Summer: 21 (+)

Yesterday, I asked myself  (out of boredom, mind you) "how much work have I done during summer/since I left Ignition?", so I thought it'd be fun to provide some statistics. All speedpaintings and scans of drawings are excluded from the final count.

Total Individual Pieces of Art: 21
Sci-Fi Related Pieces of Art: 11
Fantasy Related Pieces of Art:  10

Environments: 7 (6 Fantasy, 1 Sci-Fi)
Characters: 4 (1 Fantasy, 3 Sci-Fi)
Tech: 7 (2 Mechs/Robots, 2 Vehicles, 3 Guns)
Illos: 2 (2 Fantasy)
Creatures: 1 (currently working on another one right now)
NDA Related: 8 (not factored into the final count)

It's definitely been a productive season for me and I've got a good batch of ideas for this coming fall. Hopefully I'll be able to balance out all the categories as it seems like it's often either heavy on the sci-fi or heavy on the fantasy. I am itching to work on some fantasy weapons. Maybe a crossbow of sorts or something steampunk-ish. Same goes with vehicles. Here's to the fall! :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Monster Store Sale

I felt like doing a moody interior environment. I had fun thinking of some props and some unique materials for the floor/walls. I might try to put together a legend that points out what's what, but hopefully you all get the gist of things.


Here's the same image but without the scale dwarf and human figures:


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ruined Ruins

I've been re-watching Lost the past week or so ( seasons 1-4 are on hulu ), so I wanted to do something jungle-y. I also wanted to try doing an image that wasn't as epically-scaled as most of my other environments.