Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Summer: 21 (+)

Yesterday, I asked myself  (out of boredom, mind you) "how much work have I done during summer/since I left Ignition?", so I thought it'd be fun to provide some statistics. All speedpaintings and scans of drawings are excluded from the final count.

Total Individual Pieces of Art: 21
Sci-Fi Related Pieces of Art: 11
Fantasy Related Pieces of Art:  10

Environments: 7 (6 Fantasy, 1 Sci-Fi)
Characters: 4 (1 Fantasy, 3 Sci-Fi)
Tech: 7 (2 Mechs/Robots, 2 Vehicles, 3 Guns)
Illos: 2 (2 Fantasy)
Creatures: 1 (currently working on another one right now)
NDA Related: 8 (not factored into the final count)

It's definitely been a productive season for me and I've got a good batch of ideas for this coming fall. Hopefully I'll be able to balance out all the categories as it seems like it's often either heavy on the sci-fi or heavy on the fantasy. I am itching to work on some fantasy weapons. Maybe a crossbow of sorts or something steampunk-ish. Same goes with vehicles. Here's to the fall! :)

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