Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Take Cover +

So for those who don't already know, I'm currently fulfilling a contract position at Activision's new studio, Sledgehammer Games. The studio is mostly made up of the core team that made last year's Dead Space (360, PS3, PC). It's been a really fun time so far. Everyone seems extremely talented and knowledgeable there. :]

I've also spent the past few weeks working on some stuff for Fantasy Flight Games. And finally, I've volunteered to create an original piece for the Beautiful/Grim art group/show.

As you all can see, I've been pretty tied down. But with the holidays right around the corner, I'm hoping I'll be able to spend some time working on some new ideas I've been thinking about.

Until then, here's a new one from me. I really took my time with this piece. I've been on and off it for a month, I think. I know I could have taken it a lot further, but I'm ready to move on.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Sorry about the lack of updates recently. I've been pretty busy recently. Expect a bit of a blurb about what I've been up to in the next few days.

I hope everyone had a nice and pleasant Thanksgiving! It's getting to be incredibly cold out here in the Bay Area. Maybe it's because I'm still fresh from coming back from Florida, but I don't ever remember it ever getting this cold in San Jose/Santa Clara, but still, I really enjoy the winter-time and especially the holidays. But one thing about the holidays that bugs me a bit is that I never get around to making Christmas cards. I either get too lazy or busy, but regardless I never get around to doing it. I've had the pleasure of receiving cards from fellow art comrades/friends for Christmas and I always feel bad that I never get around to returning the favor. At the very least, I'll try to post a Christmas card-ish image here sometime soon.

Expect some art soon! :]