Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Figure Drawing Doodles Sketches

I recently was told about a figure drawing workshop available in the Gainesville area, so me and some of my buddies went to check it out last Wednesday. It's a really small venue, but it's enough. Three hours for $6 isn't too bad and the people there are friendly enough. Unfortunately there weren't any easels or horses. Hopefully I'll drop by a couple more times, as it was pretty refreshing drawing people from life (it's been a while, and I'm very rusty).


(I made a few extremely minor line tweaks in Photoshop and I tweaked the contrast level of the scan. Oh and of course I pieced the drawings together in PS.)


  1. Nice! I found a little one by my place too, but we can't get them to do any longer poses than like 5 minutes.

  2. yeah. for me, unless i've got an easel and some charcoal, 20 mins is a bit too long for me (i did these with a ballpoint pen). i regret trying to render with the pen.