Saturday, May 2, 2009


It’s around 6am right now. I’m a bit wired from drinking half a can of Rockstar Orange. It’s a decent drink. I never crash from it and It’s pretty effective and doesn’t taste too bad.

I’ve been meaning update this blog for a while, but I’ve been distracted by work and Dominance War amongst other things. Seems like there’s always an excuse, huh?

So here’s some art updates. I guess the bad thing about not updating for a long time is that you end up having to post a crap load of stuff the next time you do.

I recently uploaded some of my Sci-Fi Concept Art Package work. It’s not done, yet, but I hope to re-visit it in the near future. Some things are speedies, orthos, illos, and misc. Some I hate and some I don’t. :p

And here’s my Dominance War IV progress. I’m really thinking I’m not going to finish this in time. I’m alright with that, really. One thing that I set out to do with this challenge was to go against the grain. For those of you not familiar with the DW challenges, usually participants end up creating super over-the-top creatures/robots/humans/cyborgs/whatever. All the entries look great and polished, but I wanted to do something a bit different. So I decided on designing something more practical and not worry so much about how many guns or how many tanks it could bench. I just wanted something intimidating and with I wanted to push myself in trying to convey it in a threatening pose/image (which I have yet to have done). Enough with the blabber.

I’ve still got a turnaround and a final illustration to do. But once again, I doubt I’ll meet the deadline (May 11). Good luck to my comrades who are in the process of completing their entries! Lots of cool stuff out there.

I’ll be attempting to add a link bar and a bit of info about me to this blog in the coming weeks. I’ll hopefully be getting assistance from a web design pro I know (since I know just about nothing in regards to this blog app). Fingers crossed!


  1. the artist draw like me ty for the inspiration XDGAME DESIGNER FTW