Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Recently I've been spoiling my ears with some really cool music. Some I've just ignored until now, some I've been introduced to.

The 99 Most Essential Beethoven Masterpieces - I found out a few months ago that this album was only 99 cents or a dollar on amazon. I picked it up, added it to my playlist, but for the past few months I've been stuck on the God of War II soundtrack, so I never really got the chance to listen to it until two weeks ago. It's especially soothing to listen to while driving. I feel like a symphony conductor when I'm painting with this on. Be sure to check out "Grosse Fuge in B Major, Op 133".

Weezer: Red Album - I've had this for a while, too, but I just never really dug it. But once again, I just let my playlist go and I came upon this album and I really like some of the songs. I've always enjoyed Weezer's past albums and this is no exception. I'm not sure if it's their best, but there's definitely some keepers in there! I really liked the track, "Heart Songs". It's an interesting concept for a song and really well performed.

Two Steps From Hell - My co-worker Josh Kao introduced me to this group after he did some digging to find out who did the music for the latest Star Trek trailer. I'm really enjoying these guys. It's basically all trailer music. So if you like ES Posthumus, Hans Zimmer, and just trailers in general, then you should check these guys out. It's epic throughout and it's funny hearing some of the songs because every so often you'll hear a tid-bit that was used in a trailer you might've seen recently.

As far as art news goes, I'm going to be posting some stuff from my sci-fi concept art package soon. It's such a huge undertaking this time around, and I felt like maybe I should post some stuff, just to assure everyone that it's not something that I've given up on. It's been slow, though, unfortunately. I'm about 50% through at this point. I've still got some things I want to flesh out and I know that there's at least one more illo around the corner (I'm visualizing it all out while I'm driving to and from work) and I'm very close to finishing my first illo. Expect some stuff this week!

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